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The Company

Aenon Tax Consulting & Accounting Office

Aenon consists of Accountants, Tax and Business Consultants a team with robust growth and extensive experience. Our success is based on the high quality of our services, which is reflected in the growth rate of the companies collaborating with us.

Why Us

4 Reasons why you have to Choose us

  • 1

    Year-long Experience

    A modern-day company with 15 years of successful presence in the field of finance.

  • 2

    Guaranteed Safety

    We guarantee the safety and quality of our services to each and everyone of our clients.

  • 3

    Continuous Updating

    We provide up-to-date information on the ever changing accounting and tax policies.

  • 4

    Prompt Response

    Prompt response to our clients within 60 minutes from the moment of assignment.


We Guide you to Success

  • Services for Individuals

    We offer our services to individuals, employees & pensioners in the most responsible and cost-effective way.

    • Preparing and filing all income tax forms (E1 / E2 & E9 detailed statement of real property).
    • Issuing an income tax notice of assessment after filing the tax returns.
    • Carrying out transactions in the competent Tax Office.
    • Calculating presumptions on maintenance costs and acquisition of assets.
    • Income tax settlement before filing the tax return.
    • Parental gift deeds, inheritance matters, real estate transfers.
    • Advice and support on tax issues of concern.
    • Submitting lease contracts.
  • Services for Self-employed

    Our services relieve you of all the hassle, while at the same time you save money.

    • Bookkeeping and registering accounting entries.
    • Issuing annual & periodic financial statements.
    • Managing payroll.
    • Manpower Employment Organization (OAED) Programs
    • Issuing and submitting VAT.
    • Issuing and submitting withholding taxes (payroll tax [FMY] & tax on fees of self-employed persons [FEE]).
    • Tax planning & implementation.
    • Preparing and submitting tax statements.
    • Opinions on tax issues.
    • Preparation & Presentation of Reports.
  • Services for Businesses

    Aenon Tax Consulting & Accounting Office undertakes full organization and supervision of accounting departments.

    • Start-ups - Solutions - Mergers of companies of all legal forms.
    • Keeping single and double-entry books.
    • Issuing and submitting withholding taxes (payroll tax [FMY] & tax on fees of self-employed persons [FEE]).
    • Preparation of Financial Statements.
    • Organization - Supervision and Internal Audit of accounting departments.
    • Payroll - Labor and Flexible forms of employment.
    • Tax Returns of Legal Entities.
    • Reliable Tax Tips on complex issues.
    • Support of Business tax audits.

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